Bear Awareness Training & Certification


What do we offer? Whether you want bear awareness training and certification in as little as two hours with our online training or a more robust, customizable option like you get with our DIY training kits or on-site training, we can help you get the bear awareness training you want in the way you want it and at a price you can afford.


What are my options for bear awareness training?

Training Kits

The kit is for those who want to do the training themselves. It’s an CSA compliant aerial lift training PowerPoint (ppt) presentation to train groups of people all at one time in one location. If you need to train a trainer we offer a train the trainer course.

Online Training

Aerial lift training online is for those who prefer self-paced training from any location or for employers who need to assign courses to their employees. Online training is also eligible for bulk pricing discounts for groups of 16+ trainees.

Train the Trainer

The aerial lift train the trainer course is meant to certify a single individual to use the training kit to train others. The kit is included with the train the trainer online course for no additional cost. Results in a lifetime certification.

Onsite Training

Onsite training is for companies looking for aerial lift hands on training on your own equipment at your location. We come to you (from Rexburg, Idaho) so travel expenses are included, because of this onsite training is best for groups of at least 5-10+ trainees.


What’s in the Bear Awareness Training Course?

Our Bear Awareness Safety Training course is perfect for those who work, live, or explore areas where bears live. This course covers bear behavior, what to do in a confrontation, basic defense techniques, and more.

This presentation includes intermittent practice quiz questions to prepare for a final written exam included with the course. In addition to the written exam, this course also includes a practical exam to review basic near awareness knowledge.


Why do I need bear awareness training?

Bear populations are rebounding because of various conservation efforts. As a result, bear territories are expanding, and the chances of encountering a bear in the wild are increasing. The chances of a bear killing you are low. However, the chances of the bear being euthanized after too many human encounters is much higher. As most bear attacks are preventable, it is important to know what steps you should take to avoid an encounter, as well as what you should do to increase the likeliness of both you and the bear surviving.


  • Did You Know?

  • North America is home to three species of bears: the black bear, the brown bear, and the polar bear.

  • Bear spray is 92% effective in preventing a bear attack.

  • In 2017, about 168 bears were euthanized and another 107 were relocated in Colorado. (Source: National Geographic; Westword)



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