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Updates are coming to Canada’s job classification system. These changes could help skilled workers with little schooling find better jobs.

There are exciting changes coming to Canada’s job market. The Canadian government has made several important changes to the NOC (National Occupation Classification) which could take effect by next year. The NOC plays an important role for companies as well as government agencies. One of its greatest contributions is helping the Canadian immigrant and refugee population find jobs that are right for them. The NOC is updated every five years to make sure it is up to date with the current job climate. The year 2022 will see more changes and improvements added which will further help people find jobs that match their skills.

What is NOC in Canada?

If you do not know what the NOC is, you’re not alone. Simply put, the NOC is a tool that helps classify jobs. This classification then helps job applicants find out what skills they need to get the job. Currently, the NOC Code given to jobs has four digits. You can view what each of these digits mean at the Skilled Immigrant Infocentre. It is a useful tool for helping new job seekers discover what skills they need for any occupation. From Doctor to Railway Worker to Carpenter, the NOC can classify any occupation.

NOC Changes

The work industry is evolving all over the world. To match this, the NOC will see some huge updates. One of the most important is the change from a four-category skill structure to a six category one. This new structure includes in a worker’s experience and responsibilities along with other factors. This means that workers will be given a higher skill level if they have relevant experience and training. This is an incredible improvement, helping potential workers who have good job experience.

As the NOC continues to improve, so will Canada’s job economy. Job applicants will be able to find jobs faster and easier, quickly landing an occupation that’s right for them. We are also expanding our catalogue of Canada trainings that will allow you to meet Canada’s growing need for skilled workers. Visit our site for more information.

Good luck and stay safe!

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