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Only a century ago, the idea of worker safety was still a new one. Following the industrial revolution, a new, large-scale approach to work became the new normal. However, little was done to keep employees safe in these new working conditions. Injuries and fatalities at worksites became common. This is no longer the case. As Canada continues to grow its industry, we can look back and see how far we’ve come in improving working conditions and preventing onsite accidents.

The Canadian Public Health Association has outlined the benefits that safety regulations have. In 1987, the number of workplace injuries rose above 40,000. With the introduction of workplace safety regulations, injuries have decreased below 20,000. This amazing change means that more workers can feel safe while on the job. This change also means that families can feel more secure when their loved ones head out for the workday. At Hard Hat Training, we want to help contribute to this rise in worker safety. We design trainings for worksites everywhere. This means that we need to adapt our trainings to new laws and regulations.

In order to provide laser-focused safety trainings, we have created Canada-specific courses. Rather than focus on broad and general workplace rules, we want to look at specifics. How do provincial regulations impact worksites? What rules are unique to Canadian labor laws? All these questions become very important when we design our Canada-specific trainings. We want to add our content to the wave of safe practices being recognized by Canada. If you wish to learn more about the detailed trainings we offer, be sure to check out our website. Our trainings meet Canada’s high standards and help keep a workforce safe and alert while on the job. Good luck and stay safe!

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