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Finding a community awareness program near you is not necessary because you can complete it online! Over the last 10+ years we’ve become a trusted provider of safety training. Our safety courses can be done anywhere. We offer online and offline training options; choose whichever you prefer. Get you your community awareness certification in mental health, active shooter, emergency response, or many others in as little as two hours with our online training. You can also use a more robust, customizable option through our DIY training kits or onsite training. No matter which option you want, we can help you get the community awareness training you want at a price you can afford. Find community awareness ideas and trainings below.

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What and Why

What’s in the Community Awareness Program Training Courses?

Our community awareness program trainings contain sections on potential hazards, safe practices, emergency response, and more. These presentations include community awareness examples and intermittent practice quiz questions to prepare you for the final written exam included with the courses. In addition to the written exam, these courses also include a checklist for instructors to use when administering a practical exam (when applicable).

Benefits of a Community Awareness program and training.

Just as important as being safe on the job is being safe when you’re home. Our community awareness program educates regular people in how they can be safe both on and off the job. While there aren’t regulations requiring that you take these trainings, many users still find them to be useful tools. In the long run, we all want more time with our loved ones. They are why you should take community awareness trainings.


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Community Awareness Training Frequently Asked Questions

How much are community awareness course prices?

Our community awareness course prices start at $39/person for online training, $475 for the classroom kit (train as many as you need), $850 for the online train the trainer course + the kit, and custom pricing for onsite training.

Who should take a community awareness training?

Our community awareness trainings are designed for people of all ages in your community. Let’s be honest: we are faced with health and safety emergencies when we least expect them. From teens to adults, everyone should be prepared to respond in a moment’s notice. The community awareness trainings will provide you with the resources you need to prevent, prepare, and act in the face of an emergency.

Can you explain community awareness certification? Who can train, evaluate, and certify?

It’s best for instructors to have background knowledge and experience in the topic they wish to train on. There are three ways they can provide training:

In terms of using a 3rd party’S safety training materials (like our community awareness training kits on CD or our community awareness online training classes), CSA does not recognize one company over another. They simply state that ‘training needs to occur’ and ‘here are the things a community awareness operator should be trained on.

When we do live training or offer community awareness training online, people often assume we are the ones certifying the trainees. This is not true for any training company. We are simply assisting the instructor by providing live community awareness training or the training materials needed to help them certify their own trainees.

How do I take the community awareness practical evaluation if I take community awareness safety training online?

The online community awareness course takes the place of the classroom portion. Many people prefer online training because they know exactly what community awareness training the operator will receive. In live classes, the training sometimes varies. A written exam is included at the end of our online training courses. After the community awareness class and exam are finished, you and your instructor will have immediate access to a practical evaluation checklist. This can be printed off and used by your instructor to help him or her evaluate you. When the practical evaluation is done, they can sign it and file it with your exam.

My trainee scored 80% on the community awareness training test/exam. Did he pass or fail his community awareness operator safety training course?

It is ultimately up to the instructor, who is also responsible for certifying their trainee, to decide what a passing score is. If an instructor chooses to pass their trainee at 80% on the community awareness exam, that’s fine. But what if a question or two among the 20% missed could lead to an accident or death? Is it worth it? Our recommendation is that you always go over any missed questions with your trainees—even if they just missed one. Once they understand the principle missed, have them write their initials by the correct answer. That way, you are protecting them and those around them from potential accidents in the future.