Lead Awareness Safety Training

Looking for lead awareness training? Our Lead Awareness Training has been updated to meet the Province Specific Standards (see below for more information). We’ve been providing lead awareness training solutions for individuals, safety managers, and business owners for over 15 years. This course was built by professional safety trainers to meet and exceed the safety training and compliance standards set by the Canadian regulating bodies.

Online Training

Online Training is for those who prefer self-paced training from any location or for employers who need to assign and monitor employee training progress and exam scores. Online training is also eligible for bulk pricing discounts for groups of 16+ trainees. Contact us for more information.

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Training Kit

The kit is for those who want to do the training themselves. It’s a reusable training presentation that is used to train groups of people all at one time in one location. The PowerPoint, Exams, Keys, Certificates, and more are included. If you need to train a trainer to use the kit we offer a train the trainer online course.

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Train The Trainer

The train the trainer option is used to certify a trainer to teach others using the included training kit. It incorporates the online course with an additional train the trainer module, as well as the training kit. This option results in an OSHA compliant lifetime trainer certification from Hard Hat Training.

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Standards Covered in this Training:

As standards change we update our training so you always know you are up to date on current standards.

Province Specific Standards:

  • B.C.-Workplace B.C. Safe Work Practices for Handling Lead
  • Manitoba- Safe Work Manitoba
  • New Brunswick- Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Ontario- Ministry of Labor Ontario
  • Quebec- Legis Quebec Ch. 2.1, r. 13
  • Alberta-Alberta Labour OHS Regulations

Why Training?

The purpose of this presentation is to help you understand the hazards that lead presents and how to safely work when there is potential for exposure. Training on lead exposure is vital to ensuring workers’ safety when jobs include lead. Workers should also be thoroughly trained on any duties that necessitate lead exposure. No matter what controls, procedures and precautions are presented on a job, they will be worthless unless workers are trained on how to properly apply them.