Other Training Topics

Looking for other training topics? We have several different options for online training and training kits that were built by our Professional Trainers. Each training topic has gone through a thorough building process that has been built around the OHS standards and requirements, so you know you are getting the correct information. Explore each of our OHS compliant training below.

Asphalt Safety Training Options
Bear Awareness Safety Training Options
Concrete Mixer Safety Training Options
Defensive Driving Safety Training Options
Fire Extinguisher Safety Training Options
Fire Safety Training Options
Fire Watch Safety Training Options
Hand and Power Tools Safety Training Options
Hand Safety Training Options
Landscaping Safety Training Options
Lockout Tagout Safety Training Options
Machine Guarding Safety Training Options
Traffic Control Safety Training Options
Walking and Working Safety Training Options
Welding Safety Training Options

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do I need training?

OHS requires training for equipment operators–on that, there is no question. Where confusion exists is how often operators need refresher training or recertification. Outside of the initial safety training class, OHS requires the operators to be re-evaluated every three years to determine if they are still competent enough to operate.

However, this every-three-year evaluation is the maximum time that is allowed to pass before an operator receives recertification. According to OHS, there are several instances that will require additional training and observation before the three year period is up:

  • The Operator is observed in an accident or a near miss
  • The Operator received a poor evaluation or is observed driving in a dangerous manner
  • The Operator is assigned to drive a different type or the workplace has changed significantly enough to require additional training (such as being transferred from operating a scissor lift in a warehouse to operating a boom lift on a construction site)

How do I take the practical evaluation if I take the training online?

The online training class covers OHS requirements for the classroom portion. Many employers prefer online training because they know exactly what training the operator will receive. In live classes, the training sometimes varies. A written exam is included at the end of our online training courses. After the class and exam are finished, you and your safety managers will have immediate access to a practical evaluation checklist. This can be printed off and used by your supervisor to help him or her evaluate you on the equipment. When done, they can sign it and file it with your exam. This will satisfy OHS requirements for certification.