maritime PSSR train the trainer

Maritime PSSR Trainer Certification


Maritime PSSR Train the Trainer Course + Training Kit: CANADA COMPLIANT. Instant Access. Printable certificate/wallet card. Training Kit Included. (est. time: 3 hrs.) *NOT USCG Approved

A Fully Compliant OSHA Certification Training Kit Is Included
  1. Trainers take the course at their own pace (typically 3 hrs.)
  2. Quiz questions along the way prepare you for the final exam
  3. Once the course is complete and the exam passed, instant access to a certificate, wallet card, and training kit is granted.
  4. Congratulations! You are now certified to train your workers on maritime PSSR safety.
  5. Use the training kit (all necessary materials required to train your operators) to teach and certify your crew.

Bulk discounts available when you order multiple courses or credits! For company accounts or group training see the tab below.


Online Maritime PSSR Train the Trainer Certification Details

We send our trainers all over the country training both operators/workers and trainers. And even though Canada does not require a maritime PSSR train the trainer certification (they are more interested in what topics are being trained on), many companies and individuals feel more comfortable going through the trainer program from a well-established, industry-recognized training company like us. But it doesn’t always make sense financially for companies.  That is why we’ve created the option to get certified online. If you are comfortable training and comfortable with the equipment, you can simply purchase the online trainer course, get your certificate and training kit, and start training. It is a very cost-effective way to go.

What's in the Maritime PSSR Train the Trainer Course?

The online course consists of several modules, but two main sections:

  • Maritime PSSR Training Kit Outline
    • Introduction
    • Environment
    • Communications
    • Safe Practices
    • Emergency
    • Sanitation
    • Conclusion
    • Final Exam

In a nutshell, the trainer will take the online training course to become more familiar with the equipment and learn how to teach the required topics. Once completed, they will gain access their certificate of completion, as well as the PSSR training kit, which is a download file that contains all training material necessary to train your workplace civility operators, including an in-depth PowerPoint presentation. See more details on the Maritime PSSR Training Kit.

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