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Workplace Civility Training & Certification


We Offer Three Different Types of Safety Trainings

Whether you want workplace civility training and certification in as little as two hours with our online training or a more robust, customizable option like you get with our DIY training kits or on-site training, we can help you get the workplace civility training you want in the way you want it and at a price you can afford.

Online Training

Online workplace civility training is for those who prefer self-paced training from anywhere or for employers who need to assign employees courses and monitor their progress. Online training is eligible for bulk pricing discounts (for 16+ trainees).

Training Kits

The kit is for those who want to do the training themselves. It’s a workplace civility training PowerPoint presentation used to train any number of people, at one time, in one location. If you need to train a trainer to use the kit we offer a train the trainer course.

Train the Trainer

Train the trainer courses are online and meant to certify a single individual to use the training kit to train others. The kit is included with the train the trainer online course for no additional cost and is reusable. Results in a lifetime certification.

What’s in the Workplace Civility Training Course?

Our Civility in the Workplace training course discusses topics including respect, harassment, bullying, workplace culture, recourse, and more.

This presentation includes intermittent practice quiz questions to prepare for the final written exam included with the course. In addition to the written exam, this course also includes a checklist for employers to use when administering a practical exam as required by Canada.

Though you will still need to familiarize yourself with all other applicable federal, state, and local standards, this training encompasses the following laws and regulations:

Canada Standards

  • Canadian Human Rights Act Part 3(1)

  • Canadian Human Rights Act Part 14

  • Canadian Multiculturalism Act

What is the train the trainer course exactly?

The train the trainer option is used to certify a trainer to teach others using the included training kit. It incorporates the online course with an additional train the trainer module, as well as the training kit. This option results in a Canada compliant lifetime trainer certification from Hard Hat Training. This certification is not company-specific, meaning you can take it with you should you change employers.

Stay Informed On All Things

Did You Know?

  • 45% of all harassment complaints to the EEOC allege harassment on the basis of gender.

  • The EEOC recovers an estimated $164.5 million each year for harassment charges.

  • About 300 workplace suicides occur every year. (Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics)

Workplace Civility FAQs

Why should we provide civility training at our company?

Incivility impairs productivity, decreases motivation, and disrupts employees’ cognitive abilities and overall wellbeing. Even just witnessing incivility in the workplace can negatively impact a worker’s performance and creativity. In short, happier employees are more productive employees.

What is civility?

Simply put, civility means being polite and courteous. If you want to take it a little further, it is learning and utilizing healthy communication techniques and treating others not only how you would like to be treated but as THEY would like to be treated.

How can I make my workplace more civil?

Use good manners and be polite. Strive to understand your coworkers or those around you. Keep a positive attitude; don’t allow your job or life in general make you jaded. Find common ground with your coworkers; make an effort to find three things you have in common with each one.

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