Group Training

Need to train a group of employees with just one online training? It’s easy to do!
  1. Let us know the names of the employees that need training.
  2. We’ll set everything up and send you the group login and an invoice.
  3. We’ll also send you the exam, answer key and a practical exam guide.
  4. You log them in and start the training, then administer the exam.
  5. Once done, let us know. We’ll send the certificate and wallet card.

We will notify you via email when your online group training is set up and ready to go.


  • To get your group training certificates you must email us (at *your company name and *the names of the trainees who passed the exam.
  • Once we receive the email we will immediately reply with each individual’s certificate.

If you’d rather not fill out this form you can always call us at: (208) 252-5331 and we’ll set everything up for you.


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